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To register, go to the top right of the menu in the "register" tab or click on the "register an account" button. You can register with your data or through your google account. For any questions you can contact us by email info@eventstaking.com

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Submit your event:

At the top right of the homepage you will find the "create event" button where you can design your own event. In this section you can customise the different categories of your event (location, ticket prices, date of the event...). You can always come back later to modify any of the sections. For any questions you can contact us by email info@eventstaking.com

At the top right of the main screen you will find the red “+ Create Event” button that will allow you to start the process of creating an event. Remember to register or log in before you start the process.

In this menu you will be able to detail all the details of your event. As you can see, at the top you will find a total of six different tabs, which you will have to go through one by one.

In the “basic” tab you will find:

  1. Name event: where you should indicate the title or name of your event.
  2. Category: in which category you would classify your event (music, cinema, theatre, conferences…). If you don’t find a category that suits your needs, indicate the category “others”.
  3. Tags: in this section you must indicate up to a maximum of 6 words or tags that define your event.
  4. Description: finally you have a small section where you can describe or talk and give details about your event.

In this section you have the possibility to indicate whether your event will take place in a physical location or online. In the first case, you will find a map where you can indicate the exact address of the event.

In the “Venue name” section you can indicate the name and number of the street where the event will take place and in the white box inside the map you can search and mark in google maps the exact location of the event.

In the contact section, if you check the box just below the title, attendees who purchase tickets through the website will have the contact information you provided when you created your profile.


In the image feature section you can attach the main photo/poster of your event (this image will be used to advertise your event).


In the gallery section you can attach a complementary set of photos or a video of your event. You can choose whether you prefer the main image of your event to be your image feature or the set of photos from your gallery.

Regarding tickets, you can choose three formats: no seat, single seat (tickets are numbered in the order of purchase) and map (contact us at info@eventstaking.com  to add this function, we will show you the steps to follow).


You can combine the different types of tickets, to add a new ticket just click on the “add new ticket” button.

When you go to the “add new ticket” tab you will see a menu like this. Here you can edit all aspects of your ticket sale (the total tickets, the price, the starting day of the sale…) Don’t forget to change the name of your ticket at the top left! All fields in bold are mandatory (Price, Total number of tickets, Minimum and maximum number of tickets for one purchase) so that the event can be saved.

Here you can see the ticket format and how you can modify its colours. Black is the default option

In the “calendar” section you can define the dates of your event. If it is a one-off event, choose the “manual” option and if your event is repeated several times, choose the “recurring” option. Indicate the date and time of your event and when ticket sales end.

In the “coupon” section you will find the option to create a discount code for your events. Click on the “Add coupon” button to get started.

Once you have clicked the “Add coupon” button, this menu will appear in which you can indicate (from top to bottom) what you want your discount code to be, the amount of the discount (both in amount of money and in percentage), the start and end date of the discount, for which type of tickets and the maximum amount you want to create.

Here you can enter the username you will use in our Eventstaking mobile application to read the QR codes on the tickets.

In this section you can define whether you allow your customers to cancel their bookings and how far in advance.


Manage your event:

By accessing the control panel of your eventstaking account you will be able to view all the data and information related to the events (invoicing, participants...). You can also modify any event already created. For any questions you can contact us by email info@eventstaking.com

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